Joshua Jean-Baptiste

Joshua Jean-Baptiste, Broker

Speaks: English, French

Toronto, ON



It ain’t hard to tell, I excel, then prevail // The mic is contacted, I attract clientele
Besides kicking off one of the classic cuts you might find at the top of a Josh Jean-Baptiste playlist, the lyrics to Nas’ timeless “It Ain’t Hard To Tell” also speak volumes about the lifelong Toronto resident’s career in real estate. No, not in a braggadocious sort of way. Just a minute spent with the gentle, decidedly unostentatious sales representative will quickly dispel that notion. But there is certainly something in both those excel, then prevail and attract clientele lines.
The former, of course, referring more to the combined experiences of the buyers, sellers and investors who he’s been working with for the better part of the last seven years. Not only does Josh desire for them to become as proficient as he is in every step of a transaction that will likely represent the biggest in their life, but also to prove more powerful than opposing forces; to be victorious.
The latter? Okay, maybe you’ll find a bit of boastfulness in that part. Because if there’s a single accomplishment Josh arguably values above all else — beyond raising his two boys, that is — it’s the referral-based business he’s built. A business he initially developed under the tutelage of some of the city’s leading brokers. A business he continues to grow today as one of the Garrison Collective’s two principals. And a business that has earned him multiple awards as a top producing agent over consecutive years.
For Josh Jean-Baptiste, the bottom line comes second. It’s about education, awareness and empowerment first. The rest is just incidental. And no… it ain’t hard to tell!

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